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All About Processing Personal Data Under The GDPR

With the introduction of the GDPR now in full operation, it is important to consider some fundamental aspects of data protection that are contained in the GDPR, such as the lawfulness of processing personal data. But first, what is personal data? Personal Data under the GDPR Personal data is information that is capable of identifying […]


All About GDPR Data Processing Agreements!

What is a Data Processing Agreement?  A Data Processing Agreement is a legally enforceable contract between a data Controller and a data Processor. The Data Processing Agreement stipulates for what purposes and to what extent can the Processor process data on behalf of the Controller. What is a Data ‘Controller’?  A data ‘Controller’ is the […]


Why is Privacy Important to my Business?

Privacy laws are now considered an important part of doing business. Whether your business operations are solely online or have a physical presence, privacy laws will most likely have some bearing on your day-to-day business operations. This may just be a simple obligation to ensure that you have collected the consent of individuals to the collection […]


A Guide to Notifiable Data Breaches in Australia

A data breach occurs when unauthorised parties access protected or confidential data. Data refers to important information that may cover personal or sensitive information, trade secrets or intellectual property. Examples of data breach commonly arise in respect of unauthorised access to: personal information credit card details health care history corporate information A breach may occur […]


GDPR Explained – What is a Data Protection Policy?

A Data Protection Policy is important because it contains sets of principles and rules that businesses adhere to in order to keep the data of others in a lawful and secure way. Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data controllers must implement a data protection policy as part of their efforts to demonstrate […]


What you need to know – EU General Data Protection Regulations

Did you know that the European Union (EU) has introduced new data protection measures that may apply to Australian businesses? The new set of stronger data protection rules are known as the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). The new GDPR will strengthen the individual’s right to personal data protection reflecting the nature of data protection […]