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The Difference Between a Business Name and a Trade Mark

A business name and a trade mark have different purposes, although they are both important when it comes to your business! All businesses need to have a business name, but not all are required to obtain a trade mark. A Business Name is used to identify a business while a Trade Mark legally protects your […]


Design Registration Australia: Replica Furniture

Australia has strict intellectual property laws yet there is a thriving business for replica furniture. How does this affect the law in relation to design rights? The answer is in the intellectual property law itself. Designs registered at IP Australia are only afforded intellectual property protection for a period of five years with the option […]


How to Register a Trade Mark in Australia

An important step for any business is to assess their intellectual property assets. Intellectual property should be included in your business plan including how you plan to protect and manage it. What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a right granted for a word, slogan, logo, picture, shape, colour, sound, scent or any […]


The Difference between a Trade Mark Assignment and a Trade Mark Licence

As the owner of a trade mark, you have exclusive privileges in relation to your trade mark and the right to prevent other people from using your mark. However, there are instances when you can “exploit” your trade mark and allow others to use it either through a trade mark assignment or a trade mark […]


2019 World’s Most Innovative Countries Ranked by Global Innovation Index

Together with INSEAD (Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires) and Cornell University, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published the 12th edition of the 2019 Global Innovation Index (GII). The GII ranks 129 economies using 80 indicators that include research and development investments, international patent and trade mark applications, mobile phone app creations, and high-tech […]


This AI tool is Smart Enough to Spot AI-generated Articles and Tweets

With advances in technology and easy access to paid and free tools to create spin-offs or rewrite content, people can now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make fake news, fabricated reviews, and fictitious social media accounts and thereby spreading misinformation. However, an AI can now also detect fake written material! This AI tool named Giant […]



The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) armed with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has fined British Airways and its airline holding company International Airlines Group (IAG) £183.39 million ($230 million). This is due to a data breach that took place last year. Through a malware that diverted user traffic to a fictitious site, hackers were […]


Alibaba’s Takes on IP Infringement Battle

Alibaba’s relentless commitment to take on IP infringement was acknowledged by the World Trademark Review as it awarded the e-commerce giant with the Asia-Pacific Team of the Year Award. The company’s two-pronged IP protection advocacy is to safeguard its brand and protect brand rights on its platform. Its brand-protection efforts started as a target for […]


Does registering a domain name with a domain name registrar give you trade marks rights?

The answer is no! That is because they are not the same. A registered domain name does not give you proprietary rights to the brand name. Only a trade mark can give you ownership of a brand name. Domain names may look similar to trade names but the former should not be mistaken for the […]

EVENT   |   13th August, 2019

India Hosts This Year’s International IP Skills Summit (IIPSS)

Twenty-two auxiliary countries will be engaging in this year’s International IP Skills Summit which will be held on 13-14 August 2019 at the Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India. Armed with a complete and accurate global analysis, over three hundred experts and innovators will participate and discuss thoughts and insights into the most […]