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Does registering a domain name with a domain name registrar give you trade marks rights?

The answer is no! That is because they are not the same. A registered domain name does not give you proprietary rights to the brand name. Only a trade mark can give you ownership of a brand name. Domain names may look similar to trade names but the former should not be mistaken for the […]

EVENT   |   13th August, 2019

India Hosts This Year’s International IP Skills Summit (IIPSS)

Twenty-two auxiliary countries will be engaging in this year’s International IP Skills Summit which will be held on 13-14 August 2019 at the Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India. Armed with a complete and accurate global analysis, over three hundred experts and innovators will participate and discuss thoughts and insights into the most […]


Trade Mark Solicitation Scams – Don’t get Scammed!

Trademark solicitation scams from fake trade mark registration agencies have become a progressively serious problem through the years. Owners of trademarks who are either applicants or registrants receive letters through the post or by email that solicit substantial payments for fake services. The “scam” notice asks for a payment to ‘register’ a trade mark or […]


Facebook Remains in Top 10 Global 500 Report Despite Criticism Over Data Handling

Over the past four years, Facebook has encountered a series of controversies that hounded its reputation as a very popular social media platform, particularly after investigations into the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Facebook has been criticized over how it handles its users’ personal data, how it regulates featured content, and how hackers were able to […]


Do You Know the Difference Between Data Analytics and AI Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is nothing new. It has been with us for years now, albeit not in the form of life like androids we visualize in the movies, but rather like the IBM chess game program that beat Garry Kasparov in the 1990s, Apple’s chatbot Siri, or the robot vacuum in your house. Artificial Intelligence To […]


Australia’s New Space Agency in Adelaide

Australian Space Agency (ASA) was established in July 2018 following a government review on Australia’s space industry capability. Its purpose is “to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that will lift the broader economy and inspire and improve the lives of Australians underpinned by a strong international and national engagement.” The space […]


Federal Circuit Court: Expeditious and Less Costly National IP Pilot Scheme to assist Small Business and Individual Rights Holders

The Intellectual Property National Pilot Scheme of the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) of Australia aims to resolve disputes quickly and effectively without breaking the bank! The pilot scheme commenced on 1 July 2018. Small and medium-sized enterprises, individual rights holders and young innovators challenged by expensive and complex litigation proceedings even with legitimate rights or […]


AI-powered Mobile App “Trained” to Analyse Cough and Make Diagnosis

It was only late last year when it was announced as a trial app. Australian scientists have developed the smartphone app called ResApp that can analyse the sound of a child’s cough and diagnose whether it is asthma, croup, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. Today, Aussie researchers at Joondalup Health Campus and Princess Margaret Hospitals […]


The Australian Intellectual Property Report 2019

The seventh edition of the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2019 has been released and published last April 11, 2019. It comes with enhanced data visualization to better present the statistical data in simpler terms and aid the readers in understanding IP statistics. Australia owes part of its economic growth for the past 26 consecutive years […]


NASA is set to launch rockets Northern Territory Spaceport in 2020 – A World First

NASA has picked a privately-owned space center outside the United States to launch its rockets. A fledgling Australian commercial spaceport, Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), has signed a deal with NASA for the use of the Arnhem Space Center (ASC) as a site to launch its 15-meter-high sounding rockets into space to conduct engineering tests and […]