EU legal affairs committee adopts controversial copyright directive
The draft includes controversial provisions set out in in articles 11 and 13 – also known as the press publishers right and value gap proposal – which were approved by small majorities
EU legal affairs committee adopts controversial copyright directive
The draft includes controversial provisions set out in in articles 11 and 13 – also known as the press publishers right and value gap proposal – which were approved by small majorities
The 700 Million Dollar Boomerang Lawsuit
This is where the drama begins its teaching. Title Source believed its own narrative, in which it was a victim of HouseCanary’s breach... Why didn’t Title Source see the potential disaster when deciding whether to sue? The answer almost certainly lies in the emotional content of disputes where information has been shared between companies. The relationship starts, as it must, with declarations of trust on both sides. So when things start to go downhill, disappointment morphs into loathing and a sense of victimhood. Each side, anxious to see its own behavior as fully justified, develops a committed perspective. The post The 700 Million Dollar Boomerang Lawsuit appeared first on IPWatchdog.com | Patents & Patent Law.
Creating Better Applications Through Patent Strengthening
Events along the prosecution process create multiple windows of opportunity for strengthening a portfolio. Decisions are based on indications of market adoption using evidence from specialized technical analysis and subject matter experts who examine products in the market that potentially use your teaching and proposed claims. There are four key factors to consider during the prosecution process that can identify strengthening opportunities The post Creating Better Applications Through Patent Strengthening appeared first on IPWatchdog.com | Patents & Patent Law.
Beats Mogul Says He Has Lawyers For That In $107M Trial
Questioned on the details of a headphone royalties contract at the center of a $107 million lawsuit, Beats Electronics LLC cofounder Jimmy Iovine conceded Tuesday that he doesn’t read all his deals, telling a California jury, “I have lawyers that explain them to me.”
Patent No. 10,000,000 Shows Interest Strong Despite Risks
U.S. Patent Number 10,000,000 was issued Tuesday, just three years removed from Number 9,000,000, and attorneys say the rapid growth in issued patents shows they remain an important tool for protecting innovation, even at a time of widespread validity challenges.
Drinker Biddle Adds IP Pro From Kirkland In Chicago
Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP has expanded its intellectual property team with a seasoned patent litigator in Chicago from Kirkland & Ellis LLP who has handled complex cases involving data, gaming technology, medical devices and telecommunications, among other industries, the firm announced Monday.
Apple Pushes Monopoly Concerns In Qualcomm ITC Fight
Apple attorneys questioned an expert witness for Qualcomm on the potential competition effects of the chipmaker’s bid to ban Intel-equipped iPhones from the U.S. during a hearing Tuesday at the International Trade Commission, pressing a claim that a ban on imports of the phone could hand Qualcomm monopoly power and push Intel out of 5G development.
#MeToo At Law Firms And What We Can Do About It
While some may say it’s ironic, it’s also embarrassing and enraging that the very industry that offers anti-harassment training, policies and counsel now finds itself the subject of #MeToo headlines. The American Bar Association recommendation that will bring about the greatest change is the call to provide alternative methods for reporting violations, says Beth Schroeder, chair of Raines Feldman LLP's labor and employment group.
AngioDynamics Seeks Biolitec Patents To Satisfy $75M Award
Medical technology company AngioDynamics Inc. hit Biolitec AG and its fugitive owner with a lawsuit in Massachusetts federal court seeking to gain control of the company’s patents to satisfy a nearly $75 million judgment that Biolitec has dodged for over four years.

Sydney IP Lawyers Update : IPSANZ Conference

W3IP Law attended the IPSANZ conference in Sydney hosted by Gilbert +Tobin Lawyers, and presented by Clive Elliot QC. The conference provided an update on Australian and New Zealand IP law and recent developments. Clive addressed some new and exciting case law and areas of IP reform in both NZ and Australia. This article will […]

EVENT   |   15th June, 2018

TEDx Sydney 2018 To Share Ideas worth Spreading

The theme of this year’s event is to explore the theme “HumanKind”. A platform to propagate Australian creativity and innovation. A unique and inspiring day of talks, performances, films and debate. Says TEDxSydney’s Head of Curation, Fenella Kernebone: “TEDxSydney is the ultimate destination for curious minds, game-changers and for those who seek to be inspired. […]


What is a Sales Agency Agreement?

In certain circumstances, a person will appoint another person to act on its or his or her behalf. The former is the Principal and the latter are the Agent. The Agent may act on behalf of the Principal to bring about legal relations between the Principal and a third party.A Sales Agency Agreement outlines the rights […]


Cryptocurrencies and Trade Mark Infringement

In recent news, UAE based ‘crypto’ company “Alibabacoin Foundation” are being sued by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding. The proceedings allege that the UAE company are “intentionally misleading” consumers as to the false connection between the two companies. Alibaba is seeking damages for violation of its intellectual property rights and an injunction restraining the […]


The Impact of Brexit on EU Trade Marks

What will be the fate of EU trade marks after the United Kingdom departs from the European Union? The UK is set to leave the EU on the 29 March 2019. This means that any intellectual property (IP) registered in the EU, will no longer have any legal effect in the UK after the departure […]


Intellectual Property Commercialisation: How to Enter the Chinese Market

For many Australian companies, China represents a substantial market share or at least the potential to increase the size of a company’s business. Integration into the Chinese market, however, can be a significant challenge for businesses and can come at a risk to any existing or future IP Rights of that business. This article offers […]


“The Right to be Forgotten”: Google Loses Landmark Case

Google has been defeated in the English High Court this month by a businessman who was previously convicted of a surveillance offence, in an important “right to be forgotten” ruling. The case sets a momentous precedent for personal privacy rights against conflicting public interest considerations. The High Court considered that the applicable legislation –  the […]


Protecting Your Brand – Adidas and Reebok Take Legal Action

Adidas and Reebok have together taken legal action against 53 e-commerce sites for trade mark infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition. The well-known sporting giants have alleged that the e-commerce sites have been “promoting, selling, offering for sale, and distributing goods bearing counterfeits” and imitations of the popular brands goods. Subsequently, the sporting giants have filed […]


EU General Data Protection Regulations

Did you know that the European Union (EU) has introduced new data protection measures that may apply to Australian businesses? The new set of stronger data protection rules are known as the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). The new GDPR will strengthen the individual’s right to personal data protection reflecting the nature of data protection […]


My Photo was Stolen on Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million active users and is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This is a huge marketing opportunity as it is an ideal platform for some of the best emerging talent to market their creations. Many people use Instagram to market their designs and artwork, especially […]