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W3IP Law – What does it take exactly to be a Trade Mark Warrior?

As an IP Lawyer you are dedicated to obtaining a positive result for your client. It means no room for error. No room for complacency and no room for sloppiness. At W3IP Law, we strive for excellence. But having some fun is important too! Introduction to Intellectual Property What is IP? Intellectual property is the […]


A night in Sydney to remember with Clients and Friends

When we booked Hotel Centennial at 88 Oxford Street, Woollahra. Clients that have been with us for years, the best conversation, the best people and years of loyalty, and those trade marks. Best night ever! Will never be forgotten. Thank you, you know who you are. W3IP Law Team x          

EVENT   |   12th November, 2017

W3IP Law at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Painting in the Dutch Golden Age at the National Gallery of Art Examining the art and culture of one of the world’s greatest periods of creativity, a display of 17th century Dutch masterpieces dominated by Rembrandt van Rijn, who had an exceptional ability to paint people  as they really looked, in all their moods and […]


How to become a Trade Mark Attorney in Australia?

You have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. – Dr. Seuss So, what does it take? A trade mark attorney provides representation and legal advice to clients who wish to have their brand name protected legally and register a trade mark protected at […]

EVENT   |   14th October, 2017

Gold Coast Women – A Day at the Races “Caulfield Guineas Day”

A great day at the races with GC Women in Law and Financial Professionals at the Caulfield Guineas day held in The Dome, at the Gold Coast Turf Club.


Key Terms for an Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement

Successful technology licensing occurs only when the negotiator understands thoroughly the benefits that are available to both parties…the goal is to find a good balance of value so that the licence is a “win-win” transaction.  World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), 2015. What does “licensing” mean? A licensing agreement is a partnership between the owner of […]


Drone Laws Australia 2017 – What Drone Operators Need to Know

Fun Fact: Did you know that Australia was the first country in the world to implement regulations for drone operation? The term “drone” was coined in reference to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which were used as training tools for anti-aircraft crews in 1930s. When we hear the word ‘drone’ in 2017, no longer do we […]


What you need in a Social Media Policy

Social media is spreading lightning fast around the globe as more people and businesses seek to connect online through various social media platforms. Business is increasingly recognising that social media offers more opportunities to connect to new customers and markets. Aside from gaining new clients and developing a loyal customer base, the downside of not […]


Online Competition Laws and Boosting your Social Media Presence

When operating your business or promoting your brand online, there are many tips and tricks you can use to boost your following, interaction and traffic. Effective use of these techniques can be the driving force behind growing your customer base and taking your business social media profile to the next level! One technique proven to […]


Trade Mark 101: The Difference between a Word Trade Mark and a Logo Trade Mark

Word Trade Mark Before you apply for a trade mark, there are many issues you need to consider including whether the trade mark is available. You may be wondering whether someone has already registered the same or similar trade mark, or whether the trade mark itself is registrable. Whatever it may be, you are already […]