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I Want to Be a YouTuber! What IP Legals Should I Know?

The YouTuber The evolution of the video-sharing platform, YouTube, has been an exciting journey to watch. From a place one would share amateur home videos to an advertising channel with a market of millions, it’s incredible to see how people have used YouTube and content creation to create successful careers. When YouTubers such as Timothy […]


Drone Regulations in Australia

Drone Regulations in Australia  The primary body that regulates drone use is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (‘CASA’), which is primarily focused on the safety aspect of flying drones, or ‘unmanned aircraft’, in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace. The principle regulation that covers drone usage is the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (Cth), and in […]


6 Important Steps in Trade Marking a Brand Name

It is essential for every business to trade mark their brand name because a mark represents your product or service and distinguishes it from other products and services in the market. Registering your trade mark grants you the right to use an identifying sign exclusively, and a registered trade mark also comes along with legal […]


Mars Touchdown – WISH YOU WERE HERE!

First Mission to Mars in 6 Years It was an exciting morning on 26 November 2018. Just before 7:00am AEDT, NASA’s spacecraft ‘Insight’ barrelled through Mars’ atmosphere at 19,785km per hour and made a successful landing on Mars. Insight sailed 548 million km through deep space, slowed just enough to be able to land by […]


How Do I Create a Successful Start Up?

Starting Off Right   Like most processes – beginning a start-up is by no means straightforward. There are many factors that can affect whether or not your start-up may be the next huge thing to conquer the market. Whilst there is no ‘right way’ roadmap of instructions, there are things you can do as a […]


How to Register Your Brand on Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry? Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool that helps sellers on Amazon protect their brands. The program also assists sellers in identifying potential counterfeit products, with the functionality of being able to report trade mark infringement of other sellers. Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry scheme are able to […]


How do I use Trade Mark Symbols?

The owner of a trade mark is typically asserting trade mark rights to the public through using the ™ symbol which signifies that a given mark is a trade mark.  The ™ symbol is used in connection with unregistered trade marks whereas the ® symbol is used once the trade mark is registered.  What do […]


Is My Trade Mark Too Descriptive?

Descriptive Trade Marks   The function of a trade mark is to serve as a “badge or origin”. When a trade mark is filed, it gives the applicant exclusive rights and the power to prevent others from using the trade mark in the specific classes it was filed in. It is a sign or symbol […]


A ‘Good Faith’ Defence to Trade Mark Infringement

There are several defences that can be useful in mounting a challenge against an allegation of trade mark infringement. Though, each defence will need to be assessed on its merits and against the evidence put forward in a trade mark infringement claim. This article considers the ‘good faith’ defence that may be raised in response […]

EVENT   |   19th November, 2018

Australian Data Summit 2018

Facebook scandal. Cambridge Analytica scandal. Establishment of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and Australia’s Consumer Data Right. Because of all these, organisations are forced to enable data transparency  and reassess their approach to data management. This November, Akolade’s AUSTRALIAN DATA SUMMIT will bring together both the public and private sector for an exploration of how […]