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Knock Off No-No’s – Dangers Of Counterfeit Goods

Fake Products  Knock-off products refer to replicas made by manufacturers in order to take advantage of a brand name and rip off the likeness of a popular product. These “knock offs” ride off the creativity of the creator. Not only do they diminish the integrity and originality  of the original product but they are also […]


Everything You Need To Know – Designs vs Copyright

In Australia, designs can be protected under both copyright law and design law. In some instances, designs can have ‘dual protection’ of both copyright and design registration. This article will consider the differences between the design registration and copyright and how designers and artists can go about protecting their designs. Copyright Protection The Copyright Act […]

EVENT   |   13th November, 2018

Marketing Tech Symposium 2018

Ashton Media is a team of marketing, advertising and Customer Experience specialists who organize conferences throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. Together with the most talented and best speakers and sponsors, they share their ideas and experiences to provide high quality content to their attendees. This year Ashton Media presents the MARKETING TECH SYMPOSIUM 2018 […]


Blogging Legally – Legal Answers You Can Trust

Creating Online Content With the increasing presence of blogging and social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, sharing information online has become a convenient way to interact with others and, in some cases, even make an income. Considering the extent and relative ease of obtaining, reposting, or otherwise sharing information over the Internet, […]

EVENT   |   31st October, 2018

Lean Startup Sydney The Halloween Edition Extra Scary!

The “Lean Startup” is a trade mark and service owned by Eric Reis. Eric Reis serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has consulted to new and established companies as well as venture capital firms. He is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Lean Startup: […]


EU Copyright Directive: Link Tax’s And Upload Filters

The EU has introduced a new directive on copyright to reduce copyright violations by shifting responsibility of copyright protection on online sharing platforms. One significant consequence of the new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is that online sharing platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will need to regulate content to […]


Understand The Difference – Trade Mark and Business Name

Many people believe that registering a business name will give them legal protection to exclusively use that name and prevent other people from using it. However, a trade mark and a business name serve quite different purposes. A business name is used to identify your business so as to show people that you are operating […]

EVENT   |   24th October, 2018

Women In Tech 2018: Ladies Be Ready!

Ladies, be ready as the Annual Women in Tech conference will be coming over to the Gold Coast for the first time to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology. The 3rd Annual WOMEN IN TECH FEST 2018 will be a 3-day conference inspiring and supporting the women of today. […]


Beginning Of The Robot Revolution? Meet Sophia!

Sophia, a social humanoid robot, was developed by Hanson Robotics and was activated on 19 April 2015. Hanson Robotics is an engineering and robotics company in Hong Kong founded by David Hanson. Sophia has since then gone viral online for her incredible features such as the ability to recognise individuals, process language, hold conversations, and […]


SaaS Software Reseller Agreement Checklist For Success

A Software Reseller Agreement is a legal agreement between the owner of a software (or authorised licensor) and a person or business that wishes to obtain the right to resell that software. The scope of the rights and obligations under Software Reseller Agreements will depend on the nature of the relationship between the parties and […]