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EVENT   |   10th October, 2018

Real Tech 2018

How can technology impact our traditional real estate practice? How can real estate professionals use it to their advantage in this type of industry? The Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ) curated some of the best tech speakers to answer these questions and more in the REAL TECH 2018 event. REAL TECH 2018 will be held […]


How Do I Protect My Software Idea?

Are you developing a software App? Creating mobile Applications today has become a great tool to reach new markets and promote your brand, however, you need to consider the legalities before starting App development to avoid issues later down the track. The following article is a general guideline and depending on your individual situation, it […]

EVENT   |   9th October, 2018

Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Summit Sydney

Automation Anywhere offers consulting services to businesses and has worked over the years to help these businesses discover new automation ideas for business processes to maximise their ROI. Their consulting services include inventory management, invoice processing, report generation, data transfer automation and file and disk management among others. This year, the Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce […]


A Checklist For Your SaaS Agreement

What is a SaaS Agreement? Commonly software as a service (SaaS) agreements cover subscription-based software models, such as Salesforce or Dropbox. These applications are usually delivered to customers via a cloud-based solution, rather than being installed as a program like traditional software methods. SaaS applications have gained a lot of traction recently as a preferred […]


All About Processing Personal Data Under The GDPR

With the introduction of the GDPR now in full operation, it is important to consider some fundamental aspects of data protection that are contained in the GDPR, such as the lawfulness of processing personal data. But first, what is personal data? Personal Data under the GDPR Personal data is information that is capable of identifying […]


All About GDPR Data Processing Agreements!

What is a Data Processing Agreement?  A Data Processing Agreement is a legally enforceable contract between a data Controller and a data Processor. The Data Processing Agreement stipulates for what purposes and to what extent can the Processor process data on behalf of the Controller. What is a Data ‘Controller’?  A data ‘Controller’ is the […]


Legal Basics for Startups 100% Better Using These Strategies

Do I need legal advice for my business? Legal advice is an important first step along the path of forming a startup. It can help validate your business model and ensure that your business is compliant with applicable regulations. This article is a guide, however, the best way to make your business legally compliant for […]

EVENT   |   8th October, 2018

Spiceworld 2018 for IT Pros and Tech Marketers

Spiceworks is a network for the information technology (IT) industry that is based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 2006 by Scott Abel, Jay Hallberg, Greg Kattawar and Francis Sullivan. The network has millions of IT users and supplies members with tools, content and a community. The Spiceworks community have been connecting everything […]


Why is Privacy Important to my Business?

Privacy laws are now considered an important part of doing business. Whether your business operations are solely online or have a physical presence, privacy laws will most likely have some bearing on your day-to-day business operations. This may just be a simple obligation to ensure that you have collected the consent of individuals to the collection […]


Do I need a Subcontractor Agreement?

What is a subcontractor agreement? A subcontractor agreement is a contract between an independent contractor and another individual or entity. Generally, a subcontractor might be contracted to carry out certain functions or specific tasks in relation to a separate contractor agreement. The process can be summarised as follows: Often a subcontractor will perform specific tasks […]